Why Online Businesses Need To Generate Trust

Every time a customer buys from a company they don’t know, they’re taking a leap of faith. They could easily go to a well-known brand, but they’re taking a risk hoping to make an amazing connection with a new, undiscovered brand to them. Nowadays people are looking for something different, something unique, something special. As an online business you must take advantage of this to grow your customer base, and create a strong connection with your customers.

Is Customer Trust Necessary for Your Online Business?

Online business trust

The simple and straightforward answer is yes.

There is a lot of competition in the online business world. Because of this, customers have the tendency of not remaining loyal to a particular online vendor.

To keep your clients loyal, you have to think of ways to keep them happy. This is only possible with trust. When you’re able to make quick deliveries of top-quality products, stay consistent in your service delivery, and have a fantastic customer service, then your clients will have trust in you. All of these important company values weigh heavily over having the lowest price.

Online businesses have to stay on their feet and continuously push the envelope when it comes to adding value to their customers. Think about how you can be different, how can you show your customers that you care about them.

What Trust Means for Your Online Businesses

There are basically 4 things customer trust can do for your online businesses:

1. Conversion of Online Visits to Sales

Throughout the purchasing process buyers are constantly reviewing their options. In the world we live in it’s as simple as opening another tab on  your web browser, or searching on Amazon. Think about your customer profile. What would make them feel safe purchasing from your website? Are you listed in the Better Business Bureau? Do you accept major credit cards? Do you accept PayPal? What’s your refund policy? When you promote how safe and transparent the shopping experience can be in your website this will create more customer trust.

2. Brand Survival

Online business branding

Big companies like Apple and Amazon, thrive in the online business sphere because of the trust they generate to their customers. Customers know that if they didn’t like their product purchased through Amazon, they can easily print a return shipping label, and send back the product and receive a refund in the next few days. In the same manner Apple customers know they can schedule an appointment at an Apple store and receive customer service, or simply get their phone or laptop replaced if the issue can’t be fixed. Having the trust of your customers will lead to longer term business success. Think about growing and evolving with your customers, rather than focusing on a one-time sale. This comes with trust.

3. Stay Relevant

Happy customers relevant business

Happy customers equal thriving business. In the same way, thriving online business equals online relevance. When you have built a strong client base that trusts your service, you’ll find that you’ll remain relevant in the online world. After all, the most popular online businesses have the highest number of online clients. Take advantage of the trust that you’ve generated with your current customers and seek feedback from them. What new products would they like for you to introduce? How can you improve your product offering? Have you thought about having one of your best customers as a brand ambassador? People will only offer constructive criticism when you’ve established a strong, trusting relationship.

4. Maintain and Increase Clientele

Online business Clientele

With customer trust, you’ll maintain your clients. But it can lead to more. There is a saying that we are the average of the 5 people whom we spend the most time with. It is highly likely that your customers have likeminded peers, colleagues and friends, whom they would be open to referring you to them. This can only occur though when you’ve established a strong relationship with your customer.

Now that we know what are some advantages to focusing on generating trust, we’ll go over some examples of how to generate trust.

How to Build Customer Trust

When you think of building customer trust, think of three things: consistency, accessibility, and reviews. Let’s explain these in detail.


It should always be easy to reach you. This involves making your contact information clearly available on your website. It also involves making your site user-friendly (mobile & desktop). Good customer service is also very important; do not make your customers wait for too long. Try as much as possible to respond in minutes at most. Have you thought about having a 24/7 chat customer service?


Online quality consistency

The quality of all the services your business offers needs to be consistent. From the quality of your products and services, to the quality of customer support, consistency should never be jeopardized. If you have a great product or service make sure you have amazing customer service to go hand in hand with your product. Remember that consistency equals happy clients. Happy clients equal more sales.

Customer Reviews

Online business Facebook review

If you have a good online reputation, then more visitors would likely become clients. It’s important you show feedbacks from your customers (both good and bad). It tells future clients that your business is genuine and other people actually enjoy your services. Also, the way you handle disputes with unhappy customers (and there will be some of those) goes a long way in advertising your competency and trustworthiness. New potential customers will want to see you go above and beyond to solve a customer complaint.

Trust is an essential part of any businesses’ success. Invest your time and resources in building trust. The long-term benefits are just too good to ignore.

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