How to Use Your Instagram to Grow Your Business

When Facebook bought Instagram on the 9th of April, 2012 for $1billion, it had only 300 million users. Today, when we talk about the most important social media platforms Instagram is in the top 3.

Instagram now has over 1 billion active users. 60% of which log in daily. Think about the opportunity to promote your products or services on this platform.

As a result, Instagram has 2 million people advertising on the social network every month. These 2 million people see the value of advertising the right way with their customers.

If you want to know how these people tap into the goldmine that is Instagram and boost their business growth, follow our next 6 steps.

6 Ways You Can Use Instagram to Grow Your Business

1.  Post Regularly (Use the Rule of Thirds)

Your followers will encounter a lot of posts on their IG feed daily. It’s important that you stay relevant with fresh and new content for your viewers to enjoy. The common phrase “out of sight is out of mind” is 100% accurate in this case.

Do you want to poste more than twice a day? That’s actually a great idea, just space them out in such a way that you don’t overwhelm their feed.

How should you post? Use the Rule of Thirds to rotate your post theme.

  • Promotional post – this is where you sell to your audience. Remember not to make it obvious, you want to create a “want”. Be subtle
  • Conversational post – this is where you get your audience talking in the comment sections. This post can either be aspirational or discussing something interesting relevant to your industry.
  • Sharing/Knowledge post – this is where you share relevant content from others, like bloggers and industry-related news,

Keep this loop going.

2. Create Relevant Content Your Followers Love While Repping Your Brand

What do you envision people doing when using your product? How are you making their lives easier/better? How do you give them happiness? Remember that only you will know the best way to appeal to your audience, so take this into consideration when using an influencer to rep your brand. Find your style that is unique to your product or service and be consistent with it. It could be a specific color, or text font or genre of photography. Just make sure these posts are actually relevant to your audience. When someone new sees your Instagram posts, they should all be cohesive and similar.

3. Engage Your Followers

This comes straight from the Rule of Thirds. It’s easy to think about your Instagram as a place to steadily feed content to your followers, but never make the mistake of not listening to them or finding time to read the comments. You can learn from them there and figure out the efficiency of the posts. Post things that get your audience talking from time to time. Make sure not to cross the line into offensive content, this can backfire horribly. You want to understand what specifically your followers like about your brand, and bring that out for others to notice.

4. Use #Hashtags!

Hashtags are your friends, and you shouldn’t shy away from them. Hashtags can be the difference between 100 likes and 33 comments to 3,000 likes and 947 comments.

Take your time to research the hashtags that are popular in your field, take note of them. That way when it’s time to use them on your post, you only have to copy and paste. Split your hashtags out by category, think Industry specific (surfing, snowboarding, traveling), location based (Miami, New York, London), aspirational (paradise, heaven, Nirvana, peace, etc.) Using a combination of these will definitely expose you to new viewers. Please keep in mind that you shouldn’t use the hashtags in the same order every single time. This can lower your relevancy.

So, when you gather those likes and comments, the next thing is to…

5. Use Strong CTAs

Call-to-actions give your followers something to do, to engage with your posts. Your posts can lead directly to a sales page, a page where users can download a catalog of your products, or call to book an appointment, etc.

Many IG business pages are yet to tap into this. Sometimes that isn’t their fault. CTAs are only available in some countries. Take advantage that you are present in their minds so that they can be exposed to other products which you sell.

6. Don’t Be Shy to Use Tools


You can make your Instagram page management so much more efficient by using tools. Some tools you can use are:

  • Hootsuite – easily schedule your posts and publish them,
  • Combin – grow your Instagram page organically, and
  • Later – Helps you make your Instagram page more visually-appealing. You can also schedule posts and publish them.

There are many more out there. Explore today and you’ll find that managing your Instagram page isn’t as difficult as you think. You’ll only spend a few hours each week to have your posts automatically published throughout the week and at strategic times.

We hope this sets you on the path to growing your Instagram page to the level where it brings in more business for you.

If you apply the techniques and use the right skills, Instagram can prove to be one of the best things that ever happened to your business.

If you have some advice on using some of the products above, or would like to add to this article, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

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