7 Essential Marketing Strategies for Nursing Facilities

With healthcare improving worldwide, the average life expectancy has increased. As a result, there is a large percentage of the world’s population which is considered elderly.

According to  Caregiver.org, 63% of the people who need long term care are 65 or older. Their exact number? 6.3 million. This has never been the case throughout history, which is one of the reasons why Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) have gained popularity over the last few decades.

Resident Population of the USA

There are 52.87 million American residents aged 65 and above. Source: Statista.

As much as 12 million people are using SNFs, but not all of these facilities are getting the recognition and attention that they deserve.

If you own or are running a skilled nursing facility and you want to know how you can market your services to those who need them, you need to think broader than just caring and providing for your patient.

Your real customers are the families and relatives of the patient.

To really excel at SNF Marketing, the commodity you should be selling is Trust and Peace of Mind. Nobody wants to leave their loved ones in your care and have to worry about their wellbeing.

Families and relatives literally spend hours browsing the internet for the best SNFs that show they are equipped with the best staff, facilities, and skills to give their loved one a pleasant experience. Your marketing strategy should pay particular attention to SNFs internet presence and comments.

Let’s get started:

1. Showcase Your Staff and Facility

Nursing staff

In your bid to gain the trust of the families and relatives of your potential residents, you should show them what you have to offer, in terms of staff and facility. People want to know:

  • Where their loved ones will live
  • Who will take care of them
  • If the staff is well-trained
  • How the services are delivered
  • The state of the facility

Show them that you’re the best.

Upload 360-degree tours of your facility, interviews of your SNF management and clinical staff. You can use this content to promote and showcase your facility on your website, YouTube, and social media.

2. Use Technology to Add Value to your Nursing Facility

Technology can help you make it easier for caregivers to engage with your patients and their families to improve the overall experience.

Healthcare payers will be more interested in your facility when you can ensure a smooth experience and resident safety.

Some SNFs are using:

  • Emergency call pendants to all their patients
  • Mobile applications to provide patient information to their families regarding appointments, prescriptions, and other key information.
  • The Activity of Daily Living (ADL) sensor
  • Cameras throughout facilities to ensure high standard patient care
  • Vein finders, etc.

People are more inclined to choose your SNF if your services if you add more value through technology to a younger family member population.

3. Think About the True Customer

Who are your true customers?

The ones making the financial decisions: Healthcare payers.

These are the people you should direct your marketing efforts towards. Once you build trust with healthcare payers (which are most likely family and relatives of the patient), they will be more inclined to let you care for their loved ones.

Ask yourself:

  • What do they deem most important about selecting a Skilled Nursing Facility for their loved one?
  • Are they in the state?
  • What services do they expect SNFs to have?
  • Is English their native language?
  • What are their likes and interests?

Put yourself in their shoes to understand how they think, and what they see as valuable. You need to show them that what your SNF offers is exactly what they need.

4. Sponsor an Event


This is an opportunity to promote your brand. Sponsoring events that bring families and elder family members together is a great way to put your brand out there. Showcase your facility to your community.

5. Launch a Blog

Nursing blog

Writing periodically on the blog section of your website can go a long way in giving you publicity on the internet. The ideal way to go about this is to give tips to the caregiver, families, and relatives on the best ways they can provide care for their loved one that needs the skilled nursing facilities’ services.

Establish online credibility by sharing stories and best practices of your facility, and how you go above and beyond. Post articles and interviews about the information you believe your patients and their families will find useful. You must demonstrate that you are a subject matter expert in your field.

With excellent search engine optimization and a beautifully-designed website, you can quickly spring to the first page of search results. New patients and their families are browsing online looking for the best facility available to take care of their loved ones. Make sure your SNF ranks at the top of online searches.

6. Request and Promote Client Surveys and Feedback

Nursing surveys

Do you have several success stories from your patients? Well then make sure their feedback is promoted and posted online. Check your Google reviews. Encourage your patients and their families to provide their comments. This is important to understand how your patients and their families feel about their experience with your business.

If there is something critically wrong or can be improved upon this is a great way to find out and correct it. It also has a positive impact on future customers, as you can correct any mistake and improve upon feedback.

Always take things in a constructive sense.

7. Leverage Social Media

Social  media

3.48 billion people are using social media. It’s no longer a secret that businesses need to be active on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc) to engage customers.

You need a social media page to:

  • Keep families and relatives up-to-date with the changes and events you are involved in
  • Showcase your staff and facilities to people interested
  • Show your facility to more people out there
  • Post messages to create health awareness
  • Talk to families and relatives directly if they need to talk to you online

Nowadays it’s very common for people to reach out to you through Facebook, Google reviews, and Instagram.

The key is to make it convenient and easy for people to read about and trust your Skilled Nursing Facility.

If you have any questions and would like more information on how to improve your SNF marketing strategies feel free to leave us a comment below or send us an email to [email protected].

Daniel Zambrano is the Executive Producer of Axford Creative, a Miami based marketing agency that focuses on structuring and developing marketing strategies for companies in the healthcare industry.

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