The 5 Ways to Grow Your Business During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Social distancing, quarantine, isolation, washing hands — these are some of the most popular phrases these days. No thanks to COVID-19, the major characteristics that make us social have been brought to a halt. We now have to avoid each other’s presence to stop the spread and flatten the curve. Always making sure we have ourselves and our loved ones in mind. 

As a result, the health of the global economy has taken a big hit. Businesses and industries are slowing down,  and even completely shut down in a few. How about your business? Are things slow? Are you scared you won’t stay afloat if this stretches for a long time?

Fortunately, we live in an era when Internet marketing is a big deal and thriving — your business doesn’t have to slow down. And we will tell you how to keep the pulse of your business going while we wait out this pandemic.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is not a new medium of engaging customers online, it’s been around for a while. It is also called live video and it is a great way of keeping your customers or subscribers engaged with your brand and content while encouraging social distancing. You can provide consulting services, Q/A sessions,
how-to tutorials, webinars, etc.,  to keep your customers engaged with your brand. Business Insider reports that live streaming will see a greater adoption during this period. It is time to take advantage of this opportunity and reap the benefits.


Just like live streaming, podcasts are experiencing a growth in audience size. As more people have to work from home, there’s this craving to fill the silence with great content. Podcasts cater to this effectively. Brands are using podcasts to educate and share knowledge with clients. This shows your customers that even though there isn’t business as usual, you’re still around and a part of their lives.

Robust Web Services

As conventional methods of doing business face-to-face have been paused, for now, it is important to make it convenient and pleasant for your customers to do business with you online. You don’t want to lose customers and give people the impression that your business is inactive because of the pandemic. You want them to feel you’re very much active and always ready to provide your products or services.

There are a number of ways you can provide robust services on your website. Businesses are different, so the services that are applicable to yours may not be for another. 

For example, make payments easier with by enabling online payment functionality. You can also create an online repository of your customer’s data.  Clients can then drop-in files from clients for you to work on and avoid engaging “face to face”. 

You can also create a repository of videos for clients to log on and use to replace common inquiries you used to get from new customers. This works well for entrepreneurs, accountants, teachers, and consultants. A live chat feature can also come in handy when customers need to make requests or ask some questions.

Social Media

This pandemic affords you the opportunity to rethink your marketing. So far some businesses have made it through without a strong internet presence. Now, that is essential for you to stay afloat. Here’s where social media comes in — talking about the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

People are more plugged in now. Here’s an excellent opportunity to participate in your customers’ increased social media presence. One way is to organize contests. Give out coupons and free gifts as an incentive for online shopping. Were you a brick-and-mortar sales store post-pandemic? You need an online store now. Rethink.

Host Online Events

This one draws from Livestreaming, but with extra steps. Online events help you

  • Save costs on travel and venues
  • Host a much larger audience
  • Enjoy engagement using online social tools even after the event has ended

This is a marketing goldmine. And you have to take advantage of it this period —  people now have fewer reasons to miss your online event.

Here are some more tips on how to host an event suitable for an internet audience,  and we’re sure you will reap new marketing benefits.


The need for a stronger internet presence for brands and companies is more important now more than ever. The internet always has enough space for more engaging content and brands reaching out to their customers. There’s going to be a visible difference between businesses that adapted and those that went to sleep after this radical change to our lifestyles.  Which side of the fence will yours be?

If you need any help getting started with any of these projects, here at Axford Creative we’re happy to help. Whether it’s creating more robust services on your websites such as secure payment functionality and video creation,  we can help you get there.

Take a step now to strengthen the future of your business.

Shoot us an email at [email protected] for a free consultation, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Stay safe and remember, we will make it through this!

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