Why You Need to Elevate Your Online Content

One of the biggest drivers to establishing a strong online presence of your brand or business is through the use of videos, podcasts or blogs. In this day and age, your customers expect a crisp and perfect production, as this helps promote your brand as a subject matter expert.

As the world deals with the current pandemic and the extreme lockdown measures enforced, it’s the perfect time to elevate your online content. In order for you to stand out from the competition and others you need to create a quality production, and go beyond simply recording and uploading raw content online.

Here are some key strategies on how you can improve your Online Content:


In 9 out of 10 cases you’re working from home right now. For a lot of individuals and brands, digital options like Zoom, live streaming and podcasts are currently the current norm.

YouTube videos are a great way to market your services, however, they need to be edited appropriately. Create a compelling thumbnail to get more users to click and watch the video. Structure your videos so they have structure and format. Make sure they have an intro/outro, and have the logo of your business or brand in the video.

Try to use titles and captions as overlays during the videos to create more engagement and stand out from normal videos. Consider having music in the background to make your content more appealing.

Live streaming

Live Streaming

Invest in proper lighting and professional microphones. You might want to have a prompter available to help you guide you through the webinar, to help you keep structure and focus during the stream.

If you have a quality production you can save this content, upload to your website, or distribute to your private clients through YouTube.


The devil is in the details. Do trials of how your audio quality is prior to you having your podcast. If you make mistakes take the time to redo the section of the podcast, you’re not comfortable with, so that you can remove the sections you aren’t happy with. If you can pick up subtle problems with your audio content so will your listeners. Pay attention to any background noise or feedback that might be taking focus away from your content. You can eliminate those background noises post production.

You can also create an intro and outro tune for your podcast content. Remember, structure and consistency are key.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A huge part of elevating your online content is optimizing it for search engines. Google is easily the most utilized search engine, so you definitely want to optimize your content for Google. For video and audio files, you want to pay attention using relevant keywords and incorporating them in video titles, descriptions, tags, etc.

Remember to provide a written detail by minute of where you address specific subjects in your YouTube video or podcast, as this will help Google index your video more accurately.

Professional Support

We know it can feel overwhelming to think and manage all of these things, as you’re creating content. Another way of approaching your online projects are to use a marketing agency to help you edit and fix your content prior to you distributing it through your social media channels, or posting on your company website.

At Axford Creative we’ve worked with several clients, from startups to large public institutions, and are happy to help you with a happy medium that meets your budget and is a quality product that represents accurately and professionally your brand.

Regardless of which avenue you choose to take, elevating your online content ensures you’re providing only the best for your audience, which will be profitable long term.

If you need any advice, or would like to bounce of ideas about how you are creating your content, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. We can provide you with a free consultation.

Have a great day and stay safe!

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