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Why You Need to Elevate Your Online Content

One of the biggest drivers to establishing a strong online presence of your brand or business is through the use of videos, podcasts or blogs. In this day and age, your customers expect a crisp and perfect production, as this helps promote your brand as a subject matter expert. As the world deals with the […]

The 5 Ways to Grow Your Business During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Introduction Social distancing, quarantine, isolation, washing hands — these are some of the most popular phrases these days. No thanks to COVID-19, the major characteristics that make us social have been brought to a halt. We now have to avoid each other’s presence to stop the spread and flatten the curve. Always making sure we […]

The 8 Most Important Factors About Healthcare SEO

healthcare seo

These days, it is not enough to set up a great healthcare practice and hope that patients will walk through your doors by some miracle. You need to go beyond word of mouth to give you the results you want to achieve. The internet has been integrated into almost every part of our lives. And […]

7 Essential Marketing Strategies for Nursing Facilities

With healthcare improving worldwide, the average life expectancy has increased. As a result, there is a large percentage of the world’s population which is considered elderly. According to, 63% of the people who need long term care are 65 or older. Their exact number? 6.3 million. This has never been the case throughout history, […]