Your Brand: The soul of your company

Vitglo Fitness Logo

Professional Logo Design

A great logo demands all the imagination and intelligence at our command. Our designers have the experience and vision that brings about a clear identity and represents the character of your brand.

Business Cards

Business Cards and Stationary

Professionally designed business cards and stationery elevate your image by tying every element consistently with your brand.

promotional materials

Promotional Materials for Events

From promotional postcards and flyers to posters, we’ll design and print the right materials that will get your business or event noticed.



Our talented designers will create a t-shirt concept that fits your brand. Once you’re ready for production, we offer materials from both US and overseas manufacturers to fit any budget.

Banner Ads

We’ll craft ads that your customers actually want to click on. Then we’ll split test them to boost your click-through rates even higher.


Infographic and Presentation Design

Professionally designed infographics can be one of the most powerful tools to drive visitors to your website. They are particularly popular on sites like Pinterest, which favor vertical content best viewed and shared on mobile devices.

trade shows

Conference & Booth Materials

We can design and print materials for your upcoming trade show. From full size collapsible booths, to tablecloths, and vertical banners; it’s your time to shine and look like a rockstar.