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The Two Most Important Factors in Growing Your Business on Facebook

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With a community of more than 1.5 billion daily active users, Facebook should definitely be considered as a very powerful advertising tool for your businesses. The combination of Facebook’s paid advertisements and organic posts allows companies to promote their products and services, increase customers’ loyalty and gain attention from new potential clients. Using a Facebook […]

Why Online Businesses Need To Generate Trust

Every time a customer buys from a company they don’t know, they’re taking a leap of faith. They could easily go to a well-known brand, but they’re taking a risk hoping to make an amazing connection with a new, undiscovered brand to them. Nowadays people are looking for something different, something unique, something special. As […]

The Top 4 Ways to Strengthen Your Company Brand

If you list the ingredients of any business’s success, the term branding will come among the top. Businesses such as Apple, Amazon, Sony, and Netflix all have strong brand recognition. Every business wishes to have a strong brand that their customers can relate to, in order to create a stronger relationship than just a single […]

Five Ways to Use Video Marketing to Grow Your Local Business in 2018

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Online marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow brand recognition today. Your customers are spending hours every day on the internet, on social media, keeping up with the lives of their friends, consuming content, and of course, watching videos. It’s likely that you have already dabbled in online marketing through email subscription […]

10 Reasons Why Most Small Businesses Fail When They Try to Do Content Marketing on Their Own

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Content marketing is becoming the standard in marketing strategy. Big media companies are largely moving away from traditional marketing strategies such as print design, and are focusing on original content marketing. You will often find at the end of a particularly engaging video or article, that it was secretly an advertisement. However, many companies that […]